23rd May 2017

Note to self: Don’t run a half marathon and then fly to England.

Contrary to what everyone thought, my legs were totally fine, I was just EXTREMELY tired and irritable the entite 26 hours of travel.

The journey consisted of me watching a few movies (Doctor Strange, Passengers and Rules Don’t Apply, standard plane films that I’m glad I didn’t pay to see at the movies), reading 50% of Harry Potter 4 and sporadically napping.

After my intense game of 20 questions with Border security (continued below) –

Officer: What will you be doing while you are in London?

Me: I’m not quite sure to be honest.

O: you’ve come to London for 4 days and you don’t know what you will be doing?

Me: I can tell you where I’ll be eating while I’m here but I’m leaving the sightseeing up to chance. Borough markets for breakfast, Lyle’s for lunch, Barrafina for dinner….

O: *stares at me with a funny look on his face* Okay, okay I get the idea, enjoy your time in London. 

I hopped on the tube to Leicester square, checked in to my hostel and set off on a walk to help fight the jet lag.

Having inhaled the first 3.5 Harry Potter books in just under 3 weeks set me up for quite a surreal first walk through SoHo. I was in total awe, walking around like a total fool with the biggest smile on my face. Everywhere I looked I could see how J.K. Rowling had drawn inspiration for her books from the London streets. The shop facades, cobblestone streets, giant buildings and double decker buses were all so amazing to see up close and in person.

After about 20 minutes of aimless wondering I started to realise just how many pubs there are in London, I kid you not there is one on nearly every street corner! AND you can drink on the street! Mind. Blown.

My walk revealed 4 different restaraunts that I wanted to try for dinner and when 5:30 struck, my stomach was screaming for food and the lines were starting to form down the street. So naturally I joined the queue of the closest previously identified restaraunt which happened to be BAO.

I ate dinner with an old friend and we managed to share the aubergine with wonton crisps, Taiwanese fried chicken, Classic and Confit Pork Bao and sweet potato fries.

The aubergine (eggplant for those playing at home) dip was really tasty, it had a nice kick to it and once the crisps ran out I happily ate the dip on its own.

The bao were also very good, it’s been a while since I’ve had a bao of this style back home (Belly Bao do something very similar out of the Hudson Ballroom on Liverpool street back in Sydney) but the dough was super light and fluffy and the pork had a real depth of flavour that was balanced out by the peanut paste.

The taiwanese chicken and sweet potato fries (not captured) were also tasty but nothing to write home about.

It’s 9:10pm now and the jet lag has finally hit me like a tonne of bricks so it’s bed time for me! I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ve got a lunch booked at a restaraunt called Lyle’s which should be great!

Good night! Xx


2 Replies to “23rd May 2017”

    1. Such a pointless movie!!
      Yeah, going to spitalfielda for breakfast this morning and NOPI for dinner on Friday!


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