29th May 2017

Note to self: Always go to the bathroom before leaving a restaraunt, you never know where the next one will be.

Guess who finally got >7 hours sleep last night!! I think all of yesterday’s walking finally wore my body out enough to overcome my natural urge to wake up before 7am.

I was super excited for this morning to come around because it meant I could finally visit Du Pain et des Idees. Full disclosure: when finding an airbnb to stay in I tried to find the most affordable one that was within walking distance to this boulangerie.

Within 30 minutes of waking this morning (would have been 15 if the airbnb’s french bulldog pee’d on command (airbnb family spent the night at Disneyland so I agreed to take their french bulldog named Bee Bee outside to pee)) I was inside Du pain marvelling at what to buy. I settled on a escargot chocolat pistache and a pain au chocolat.

On the way to the park I passed another boulangerie I had saved on my google maps, so I thought what the heck I’ll get a croissant aux amande to add to my breakfast. (Mind the photo, I squished it a bit on the walk to the park.)

Best. Breakfast. Ever.

The escargot was soooo yummy. The pistachio paste was full of flavour and the chocolate was dark, not to sweet and mixed evenly throughout the snail. I much prefered it to a normal pain au raisin. The pastry itself was very good, lots of crispy layers.

The croissant aux amande was also very good. The pastry was super crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a beautiful, generous amount of almond paste hidden within the layers.

The pain au chocolat was really good, beautiful dark choc on the inside cut through the buttery pastry, so tasty I forgot to photo.

I spent a good few hours reading in the park, enjoying the sunshine, before heading to the Notre Dame. Wow. What a church. The stained glass windows are really something special, as are the intricate details along the outside of the church. I really was quite mesmerised by each and every window inside.

The thing I was most looking forward to in Paris was seeing Isabella. Izzy is one of my oldest friends, earlier this year she started working as a flight attendant and I hadn’t seen her in nearly 6 months! Only in Paris for the afternoon/evening, we met up for lunch (baguettes of course) and explored the 7th before buying a tart au citron and some fresh berries to enjoy under the Eiffel tower.

The tart was beautifully sour from the lemon, with a crisp short base. The berries though, phwoar. I’ve never tasted any as sweet or delicious in my life. Each berry was an explosion of flavour like you wouldn’t believe, I could have easily eaten both punnets to myself.

After a quick stop to a discount pharmacy so Izzy could grab her year’s supply of skincare (I joke, though not really, this place was a madhouse with tourists and locals buying bucketfuls of products) we headed to le Relais de l’Entrecôte for dinner, a restaraunt famous for their steak frites.

It wouldn’t be a food trip if I didn’t wait in line for food, it means it must be good right? Definitely in this instance. We waited for half an hour before the restaraunt opened and there was already 20 or so people in front of us, luckily the restaraunt sat 80 or so, so we were sitting down as soon as they opened.

When you sit there is no menu, instead 3 questions:

  1. How would you like your meat cooked?
  2. What would you like to drink?
  3. Still or sparkling? (You’d think by now I’d learnt to say tap – do so or you’ll be charged 5€!)

After we asked for our steaks to be cooked medium (there is no medium rare) we were served a light lettuce and walnut salad with some crusty baguette while we waited.

Not long after our steaks arrived and boy were they good. Knowing that I liked my meat on the pink side I had originally asked for it to be cooked rare, but on Izzy’s advice changed my order to medium (given that all they do is cook steak you’d hope they’d cook it perfect to medium). I am glad I changed my order because we were both served perfectly cooked medium steaks and the best frites ever (they ain’t french fries when you’re in France). The steak was juicy and tender and absolutely melted in my mouth. The frites were crispy, crunchy and super indulgent. I wish I could talk more of the sauce, but it is apparently a closely guarded secret. All I know is it was yum and like always I used the bread to mop up the leftovers.

I had the best time spending the day with Izzy. Not only was it great to finally see her after so long, but it was so much fun watching her speak French like a local and pick up some phrases here and there. Oh and to also have a personal photographer who insisted on snapping photos of me everywhere!

Bonne Nuit! Xx


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