31st May 2017

Note to self: always bring a hat to outdoor sporting events.

I’m writing this entry from my Paris balcony, while I eat dinner and rehydrate after spending the entire day in the blaring sun at the 2017 Roland Garros French Open.

I started the day like any other, with a walk to Du Pain et Des Idees for a croissant on the way to the metro.

This was the first time I had just a plain croissant and it was probably the best one I’ve ever had. It was the perfect amount of butter, flake and crispness without leaving a greasy taste in your mouth like shitty croissants do.

I also picked up a tarte fine aux pommes & beurre demi sel to have for morning tea after my airbnb host raved on about it last night. So glad I did, she was right, it’s a heavenly apple tart with butter and almond paste that runs over the edge and caramelises. Mmmmm.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the 2nd round of Roland Garros for today, and by some miracle Rafael Nadal, the king of the clay court, was scheduled to play.

I have really fond memories watching the Australian Open with mum growing up, or waking up in the middle of the night to find her watching Wimbledon and the French Open. It’s really the only sport I can watch without getting bored and it’s probably because she loved it so much. So to have been able to go and watch Rafa play at the French Open was a big deal for me, I know she would have loved to have been there with me.

I was a good girl and applied sunscreen every hour, although I can’t reach all of my back so there’s a nice red patch that will need the evened out at some point. I REALLY should have remembered a hat though. There was no cover in the stands and the sun was blaring down on me the entire day. It was so hot I drank 3.5L of water while I was there and still needed to drink another 500mL when I got back to the apartment to not feel thirsty anymore.

Yesterday’s monoprix shopping made me very happy today. While everyone else was eating 15€ burgers and 10€ baguettes that looked average at best I was happily eating my Du Pain baguette with duck liver pate, Saint Felicien cheese (yes I bought it because it sounds like my name) and jamon. Suck it silly spectators.

Oh and more raspberries, because delicious.

The first match was Venus Williams vs Kurumi Nara, Venus won in 2 straight sets.

The second match was Garbiñe Muguruza vs Anett Kontaveit, Muguruza lost the first set but came back to win the second two. At one point the umpire got up to check a ruling (there is no challenge system on the French Open courts, instead the umpire gets up and checks the court lines for ball marks) and fell over, the whole crowd gasped and then cheered when he got back up, he returned to his seat and thanked the crowd for their cheers, was rather funny.

The third match was Rafael Nadal vs Robin Haase. Robin put up a good fight, at one point he hit the umpire square in the shoulder and then pretended to pull an arrow from his quiver and shoot it at him. Unfortunately he was no match for Rafa and he went down in 3 straight sets. It was quite amazing to watch Nadal in action. He moves effortlessly and has so much technical skill, some of the shots he made were absolutely mind boggling. I was so happy he won!

There was a fourth match on afterwards that I could have stayed to watch but I didn’t know either of the players and I was starting to feel exhausted from the heat.

After a very sweaty and packed metro ride back to the apartment I had another nice talk with my host, played with her kids for a bit then set myself up with this mini picnic on my balcony that I’m currently enjoying.

Roquefort, gruyere and Saint Felicien cheeses, more duck liver pate and jamon, pickles and carrot salad. C’est magnifique!

The sun has set since I started writing this post and the view outside is something special, I’m definitely going to miss this after I leave. I’m off to Lyon tomorrow, the real food capital of France. Fingers crossed there are no more train incidents.

Bonne nuit! Xx


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