1st June 2017

Note to self: check the elevation of your journey before you embark.

My last morning in Paris called for one final trip to Du Pain, this time for the blueberry and cresm cheese escargot. It was tasty and tart, the chocolate pistachio will always be my favourite though.


After learning from my last experience I left myself plenty of time to get the train to Lyon this morning. I filled the 2 hour ride planning my stay in Lyon and reading a bit more of HP5.

Once I got to Lyon I dumped my bags and headed off into town. It hasn’t even occurred to me that the hostel was downhill from the city but far out the climb was steep. I chose the wrong day to wear jeans and a 3/4 shirt.

Once I got into town I visited a few bakeries on Izzy’s recommendations (Izzy exchanged in Lyon for 6 months, it’s why I’m visiting, she knew I’d love it) and bought some macarons from Sèbastien Bouillet. Salted caramel, apricot, lemon, pistachio. All were very good, I especially liked the lemon and apricot ones.

After wandering some more I stopped for lunch at a bistro for a salad Lyonnaise. Similar to a Cesar salad it contains lettuce, bacon, croutons, tomatoes and a soft poached egg. My egg wasn’t softly poached which was a bummer but the rest of the salad was nice and the dressing was well balanced.

(No, I didn’t eat all the bacon, there was far too much of it.)

After lunch I caught the tram to Viuex Lyon, otherwise known as Old town and was absolutely captivated by its beauty. I couldn’t get over the fact that a river was the only thing that separated these two places, yet it looked like I’d stepped back 3-400 years when walking the streets. My photos absolutely don’t do it any justice, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Izzy had told me to visit the Cathedral at the top of the hill  and when doing so to go in the funicular. Knowing zero things about trains I had assumed that this was a structure within the church I had to go inside. NOPE. It’s the little monorail type train you should DEFINITELY get to the top of the hill, unless you want to go up a sh*tload of stairs and really steep hillls.

It was definitely worth all the sweat though, because once I got to the top I was absolutely gobsmacked. This has been my favourite church so far, inside and out. My jaw literally feel to the floor when I walked in. If only there hadn’t been a school excursion there to kill the vibe, I may go back tomorrow.

The view from the top of the hill of the town was also amazing.

I explored Old Lyon for another hour or so before heading back to the hostel to check in. I could seriously walk those streets for days on end and not get bored.

The hostel is so nice and new and my dorm is 10x the size of the hostel in London, three girls are currently snoring their heads off as they sleep though… maybe I should tell them about sleep apnea..haha…

I waa nowhere near hungry for dinner and was a bit stuck on what to do in the afternoon so I headed to the shopping complex in town to find a quick dry towel. I also ended up buying a new pair of shoes because my nike’s are killing my feet with their lack of cushion. (New pair of adidas have a ‘cloudform’ sole which literally feels like you’re walking on air.)

Aaand then I got lost for an hour in a 2 storey Carrefour (grocery store). Think of your biggest coles/woolies, now triple it, that’s probably close to how big this place was. Now think of your fanciest/best quality product supermarket. Now double it, that’s how good the product is in comparison. I just wandered around aimlessly for an hour gawking at everything.

I stopped on to Le Meuriene, a Lyonnaise bouchon for dinner. I opted for the 29€ three course menu and I was so full afterwards it was ridiculous. Full disclosure: my waitress barely spoke English and I forgot to take a photo of the menu, so I have no idea what some of this stuff is.

Entree was a mix of Lyonnaise salads and starters. Lettuce, lentils, devon, bacon, potatoes and what I can only guess was some kind of gristle/tripe salad which was my least favourite.

Main was a quenelle in lobster bisque.  A quenelle is basically a creamed fish mixture that is poached and served in some kind of sauce.  Thet lobster bisque was spot on and the quenelle was nice, but the meal was far too rich for me to finish.

Dessert was a cherry clafoutis, a baked dessert with a cheesecake texture. It was really yummy, however it would have been nice if they pipped the cherries first.

I rolled home and into bed where I’m currently in a massive food coma.

Bonne nuit! Xx


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