3rd June 2017

Note to self: always bring insect repellent.

I had the worst night’s sleep last night, there were 2 mosquitoes in my bunk that completely attacked me. ¬†I got something like 10 bites and 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. ¬†Absolute hell.

I woke up before my alarm and caught the train from Lyon to Annecy this morning, a 2 hour trip that flew by with HP5 on the kindle. I’m lucky I left plenty of time to get to the metro though because the trains don’t run as often on the weekend (der).

I finished of yesterday’s blueberries before the train ride so I was hungry when I arrived. I walked past a beautiful smelling boulangerie and bought a croix a la creme. It was very yummy, the vanilla custard cream was really flavoursome and the pastry was more of a sweet bread than anything else.

I spent a good 4 hours exploring the town’s nooks and crannies. It’s a beautiful old town with a river right down the middle that leads out to Lac d’Annecy. Lots of shops, restaraunts and beautiful scenery.

I stopped in at a place I had read about called La Freti hoping to get the raclette for lunch but unfortunately they don’t serve it at lunch which they didn’t tell me until after I’d sat down and I couldn’t be bothered to leave.

I had the fondue which was fun and tasty but walking past another restaurant later I really wish I’d had some crepes instead.

I got the train back to Lyon and have been lying in bed ever since. All the sun plus the lack of sleep has tired me out and I think I’ll have an early night tonight sans dinner. I have an early morning train ride to Turin tomorrow, I’m sad to be leaving France but I’m very excited for Italy!

Bonne nuit! Xx


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