5th June 2017

Note to self: Always carry physio tape.

It has poured all day long here in Turin, and to make matters worse my brand new all white adidas sneakers have nice red blood stains where they’ve been rubbing against my ankles.

I went through a pack of 12 bandaids during the day that just would not stay glued to the backs of my ankles. I’ve used physio tape now to secure the bandaids, they sure as hell aren’t budging now.

I walked to the Mercaro di Porto Palazzo this morning, a massive fresh fruit and vegetable market about 30 mins from my hostel. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was instantly gobsmacked. The whole place smelt amazing, the fruit and veg were so fresh that an amazing aroma filled the air. I spent a while walking around admiring all the produce, their size, smell and ridiculously cheap price. I picked up a kilo of strawberries, half a kilo of cherries, 10 medium grape tomatoes and an apricot for 3 euro!!! I was flabbergasted, the cherries were 1.50€/kg and the strawberries 1€/kg, absolutely insane!!!

Obviously I had no use for them, sadly, but I couldn’t get over the size of the zucchini flowers either.

It started to absolutely pour so I quickly ran to a cafe around the corner called Al Bicerin and ordered their signature drink, the biccerin – a coffee, hot chocolate and cream layered drink, served with some traditional Piedmont (region Turin belongs to) biscuits.

Once it died down I walked to the bus stop to get the bus to the Egyptian museum. Fun fact: Turin has the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts in the world outside of Cairo. I got on the bus expecting to be able to pay for it/buy a ticket on board, that however is not possible in Turin but the driver took pity on me and let me on anyway (thankfully, it had started to pour again).

The museum was astounding at fascinating, to have been in the same vicinity as objects that were over 5000 years old, to have seen intact 4000 year old bodies, to read ancient text on papyrus over 18m long, I was completely in awe.

After a couple of hours I finished up at the museum and started walking to the Museo Nazionale Del Cinema, as it was still raining. Hungry along the way I stopped in at one of the only open cafe’s (everything is apparently shut on a Monday in Turin) and ordered what sounded like a prosciutto and cheese panini off the menu. Wrong I was. What came out was a folded piece of pita bread with some prosciutto, cheese and crappy iceberg lettuce. Not worth a photo. At least there were some beautiful buildings along the way.

The film and cinema museum was also really interesting, it was cool to see how far we had come from still images and peep shows to cinema as we know it today.

A couple of hours later I again found myself seeking refuge from the rain, this time inside the Alberto Marchetti gelato shop along Via Po. Hazelnut and gianduia again, much happier with the serving size this time, the flavour was also A+.

Aperitivo hour was upon me once again, this time a passionfruit tequila cocktail with an antipasti plate, all for 10€!

Before I knew it (I may have gotten lost in the last 30% chapters of HP6, Dumbledore 😭😭😭) it was 8:30 and I strolled back to the hostel to pack, I have an 8am train to Venice tomorrow. I’m a bit excited to leave rainy Turin, though I fear Venice may be the same.

Buona notte! Xx


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