9th June 2017

Note to self: Always check to see that the exhibition is open.

I got up early this morning and headed over to the Oltrarno district for a green smoothie before visiting Palazzo Pitti. Lord knows my body needed a break from the sugar (though not for long). Was definitely what my body needed.

I strolled over to the Palazzo and bought my entry to the palace and the gardens. I didn’t think to check if the costume museum would be open to the public as it’s one of the main museums so I just assumed it would be (what’s that saying…don’t assume…?) Unfortunately it wasn’t, I was annoyed that it wasn’t sign posted and I didn’t get to see all of the gowns but ahwell what can you do.

I spent 4 hours walking through the Palace and the attached Boboli gardens. The palace and the rooms were quite amazing, the paintings on the ceilings especially drew my eye, but I’ve realised that I don’t have a huge appreciation for art so I think I’m done visiting gallery’s on this trip.

A lot of the rooms reminded me of my grandmother’s “good dining room” when we were growing up. Beautiful chairs and lounges in a pristine room, that wasn’t ever allowed to be used, unless we snuck in to build pillow forts.

The gardens were an absolute maze and I really enjoyed getting lost in them. ย After an hour I reached the top of the hill and was amazed to find sweeping views of the city, I felt like I was finally in Florence, this is what I had expected!

By 12:30 I was starving so I headed over to Trattoria Georgio for a cheap feast! For 11โ‚ฌ I got a primi, secondi, salad and bottle of water, ridiculous! Saffron risotto, pork and tomato salad. Everything was delicious, had that home cooked feel and for the price, amazing.

Gelato for dessert, obviously, hazelnut and lemon sorbet. This is actually the first lemon sorbet I’ve ever had and I have to say that it is not only delicious but so amazingly refreshing on a hot summers day.

I wandered through the Oltrarno, before heading back over the bridge and eating cannoli from 2 different places that the internet claimed to be the best. My vote is with carabe. Both freshly fill the shells but the mixture from carabe was velvety smooth and had more flavour.

I had forgotten to charge my powerpack overnight so couldn’t recharge my battery during the day, and my camera battery died too, so it was back to the apartment to charge for me.

In the afternoon I joined a free walking tour of Florence, it was okay but in comparison to the one in Venice I barely learned anything. I did see the fake David though, so I don’t need to worry about seeing the real one.

There was another guy from Sydney on the tour and we spoke to each other (naturally). Afterwards I introduced him to the beauty of the aperitivo “wait you pay for drinks and the food is free??”, while we swapped some travelling stories and tips we’ve picked up along the way. It was great to catch up with another Aussie!

Yesterday my friend Ben put me in contact with his friend Angelica that lives in Florence and she invited me out to dinner with her friends tonight. I met up with them at 9pm (standard European dinner time, I’m getting used to it!) at a place along the arno river where 5 food trucks get together. I had a great Tuscan cheeseburger (exactly the same as a normal cheeseburger save for the fact that the meat comes from Tuscany and is absolutely delicious) while we drank beer and wine and amongst other chit chat they taught me swear words in Italian!

Afterwards we drove to one of Angelica’s favourite gelateria’s and I tried a traditional Florencian cream flavour – buontalenti, a cremino pistachio, and a double choc flavour. The buontalenti was really, really good it kind of tasted like milk, but also vanilla. The cremino pistachio was really yum too but the double choc was far too rich for me.

It was a great day of meeting new people again, Angelica has a really lively and infectious personality and has a habit for making friends in any situation and I can see why!

I have my big cooking trip tomorrow so I am SO EXCITED!

Buona notte!


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