13th June 2017

Note to self: Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

It was a train to Rome first thing this morning, with no more Harry Potter to read it was podcast listening and window gazing for me instead, luckily the view was rather spectacular.

My hostel in Rome was a short walk away from the train station, which is a very good thing at this point as my bag has officially hit capacity, I will be buying a cheap carry on bag tomorrow! I’m staying at the “four seasons hostel” and it is nothing at all like the more well known four seasons hotel. It’s just 3 nights, it’s just 3 nights I repeated to myself as I unpacked my bag and made my bed.

I had a wine tasting booked for the afternoon so I needed to kill a couple of hours before I caught the train to Frascati. It wasn’t really enough time to go tour any sights so I got a gelato and went for a walk. Gianduia, pistachio and fior di latte from Gelateria dell’angelloto – pretty good, though a bit grainy.

I didn’t have any set route in mind and without trying I stumbled upon the colosseum, isn’t that a sight to see! It had me absolutely lost for words, I can’t wait to tour it in Friday with Emilie.

More walking led me to the Trevi fountain, and though it’s beautiful and grand, it’s absolutely jam packed with tourists and police officers tooting their whistles at people.

Hungry for lunch I ended up at restaraunt I can’t remember the name of and ate a spaghetti amatriciana, it was quite good, though I don’t know if the pasta was fresh.

Another gelato on the way to the train station, pistachio, gianduia and a burnt bread and butter flavour from Come il Latte, this was very, very good.

I caught the train out to Frascati, unknowingly falling asleep and then being suddenly woken up by a screaming baby, making my heart race a million miles an hour as I tried to figure out where on earth I was. Once my heart settled we arrived at the train station and we were picked up by our lovely host Giulia for a wine tour and tasting.

It was a great afternoon learning about how the wine was made, in a truly organic, sustainable fashion, as well as trying (and drinking lots of) 4 different white wines, and some really amazing olive oil. The view while we were sitting out on the patio was something spectacular.

Arriving back in Rome around 730, I properly checked in to the hostel, changed and set out for dinner. I stumbled across a restaraunt that was packed to the brim so I thought I’d try it out. I ordered the veal osso bucco wanting to have a break from pizza and pasta and was surprisingly rewarded with a dish that reminded me a lot of my grandmothers φασολακια και πατατες or beans and potatoes. The sauce was basically identical.

I met a girl in my dorm after dinner and we went to a wine bar and spent the night chatting and drinking my favourite wine, made for a lovely evening.

Buona notte! Xx


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