15th June 2017

Note to self: Sometimes you just have to suck it up and take a cab.

Today was another huge day of walking, though it’s crazy how much of an impact the sun has on your stamina. Yesterday I walked 24,000 steps and today I walked 33,000 (3,000 more than the day I ran the half) and it didn’t really phase me at all.

After going to bed quite late last night I slept in till nearly 10am! I got up and went out to buy a small carry on suitcase that has solved all of luggage problems now. Afterwards I set off on a very long and windy walk to the Vatican (my entry wasn’t until 1330) with a few stops along the way.

Obviously gelato was involved, my friend Michelle had recommended a place called Giolitti as the best in Rome and yep I’d have to agree. I’d tie it in equal first place with Suso in Venice as best gelato of the trip. I made a pseudo Neapolitan ice cream – fragola, fior di crema, and gianduia. HOLY CRAP the fragola was good, every lick tasted like you were eating a whole punnet of strawberries it was fantastic. The other two flavours were also really, really good, but oh man I’ll be thinking about that fregola for ages.

About 45 minutes later I had arrived near the Vatican, and it was lunch time so I stopped at trapizzino for some lunch before heading to the museum. Eggplant parmagiana stuffed pizza corner. Deeeeeelicious. Cheap at 4€ too!


The Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica were absolutely mind bending. I honestly hadn’t expected much as I’m rather over all the museums and churches, but the Vatican definitely delivered and exceeded my expectations!

I’m just going to dump a whole bunch of photos again for you to peruse and ask questions about if you so wish. I will start with my favourite piece though; Diana the huntress, who all men prayed to before hunting. It hit me hard for some reason that men used to quite literally worship women and now, well….

Now for some roofing, sights, “that photo” of the Sistine chapel that I definitely shouldn’t have taken and some St Peter’s Basilica eye sores.

4 hours later and I was hot and famished, another gelato was required. This time recommended by my uni friends Rob and Jen. Geleteria dei gracchi for their pistachio, and yep it was also great!! I had a lovely chat to two local women while I was eating in the gelato store, they were surpised I knew about the place so thanks Rob and Jen!

Oh and a baby sfogliatelle cause it was cute.

An extremely long 2 hour walk back to the hostel, via Via del Corso to the Victor Emanuel statue for uninterrupted city views, led to some great photos. I’m still completely in awe of the colosseum for it’s defiance of time. It’s astonishing to me that locals pass this great ancient monument every day and don’t really bat an eyelid.

I got back to the hostel and spent some time rearranging my bags, which are no longer overflowing, yay!

The dorm had organised to go out for dinner again, thinking we’d have better luck with the bus we tried again, but nope, Rome’s public transport absolutely sucks. The H bus doesn’t come (one of the only buses to get you to Trastevere from Termini) and the metro system isn’t extensive! We ordered a cab and he took the longest way possible there, costing us 13€ more than the one we got back to the hostel at the end of the night. Such is life sometimes though.

Luckily, dinner was incredible. Another recommendation from my friend Steph at work for a restaraunt she ate at in Trastevere 4 years ago came through! Delicious cacio e pepe served in a parmesan cheese bowl. It was amazing, but the portion size was so big I couldn’t finish it!

As we walked back to the hostel we laughed and joked about how unlike the four seasons it was “it’s maybe one season, and that season is winter” (Andreas, 2017) but I was super thankful for the new friends I had made.

Somehow it’s 2am again, I better get to sleep because….I get to see Emilie tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Buona notte xx


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