20th June 2017

Note to self: Learn the days of the week in Greek before you tell people what day you leave.

The chickens woke me up at 6am this morning, making noise right by my window, no idea what they were doing, sounded like they were having a party.

When talking to Θεο Νικος and Θεα Βάσο this morning at breakfast we realised that I had gotten my days of the week confused and they thought I was leaving on Thursday, when actually I leave tomorrow afternoon. They were very upset, they weren’t happy already that I wasn’t staying very long, and now I was robbing them of an extra day, I felt so bad. It’s okay though, I’ll just stay for longer next time!

Breakfast this morning was bread, πρετζα (Zakynthian cheese made from Goat’s milk only in summer) and freshly picked tomatoes, and a Greek coffee of course.

Θεο Νικος took me and the boys out on the boat today for a swim around and off the coast of Zakynthos. Marathonisi island (or chicken leg as the boys call it, because it’s shaped like a chicken drumstick), Keri on the coast and near the μυζήθρα (no idea what that word means). It was a relaxing 5 hours of sailing, swimming and lying in the sun, but it was even more amazing because we had the whole ocean to ourselves most of the day. I can’t get over the fact that they have access to this every day, it’s so beautiful.

Lunch upon our return was Γεμιστά (vegetables stuffed with rice) and the beetroot Θεο Νίκος had promised me yesterday. Yuuuuuum. I haven’t had Γεμιστά in so long, it reminded me of home. Don’t worry though Γιαγια, your γεμιστά είναι πολύ ωραίο!

After lunch I played cards with Νικος and Βασιλι while θεο Νικος had a nap (I won, a lot). When he woke we went next door to Θεα Βασο’ς sister’s house for Greek coffee and biscuits. I played cards with her husband, who they call Πο πο (Bo bo), whom I also beat quite a few times, I’m forming a bit of a name for myself here!

Around 6pm Θεο Νικος and I went into town so I could go see the church (Άγιος Διονυσηος), light a candle for mum, and προσκύνηση. It was a really beautiful church, inside and out. I found it amusing to hear the familiar sound of the old men singing κύριον λοσιόν during the service.

After we stopped and ate a piece of φιτουρα, a semolina based dessert which was really yummy.  The guy selling the cake heard me say thank you very much when we asked for 2 and realised I wasn’t Greek. When he gave us the food, in Greek, he said to Θεο Νικοσς, tell the girl the food is hot and to be careful. I shot back in Greek with a quick, I understand what you are saying, and he turned bright red.

It was really lovely to sit on the harbour with Θεο Νικος just the two of us, in our very broken Greek and English, and somehow manage to explain to the other that we had both had a good time and love the other one a lot.

When we got back to the house Κοστας and Βασιλι were eating freshly picked figs from their fig tree. This place just keeps getting better and better.  The figs were SO DELICIOUS, so soft and sweet, I think I ate 4 or 5.


A big round of cards with 5 of us took us out to 9pm when Κοστας started to cook dinner and by 10 we were eating some of the most delicious meat I’d ever tasted. Bar the slice of bread, everything I ate tonight was from their animals and garden. Pork, lamb, sausages, salad, beetroot, tzatziki and hot chips. Seriously so full and still feeling it, but sooooo tasty I didn’t want to stop eating.

A few family photos closed out the night, and now it’s time for me to go to bed!!

Καληνύχτα xxx


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