21st June 2017

Note to self: Just like my father, Greece and all that it contains runs late for everything.

I woke up for the last time in Zakynthos today, to my ‘usual’ breakfast of fresh bread, tomatoes and πρέτζα already ready and Θεο Νικος eagerly waiting for me to finish so he could show me the bees.

After I finished I suited up and we went to go have a look at the bee hives. I was instantly petrified by the amount of bees in the boxes but they came nowhere near me when we puffed smoke on them. I couldn’t get over how much honey there was. I tried some after we were done and it was so amazingly sweet and fresh, I wish I could bottle some up and take it home.

Speaking of bottling stuff, we went to the olive oil factory that Κοστας and Θεο Νικος take their olives to, to get turned in to olive oil, and it was really interesting to learn about how it’s made, I didn’t have much of a clue.

Afterwards Θεά Βασος sister had us over for lunch, chicken, spaghetti and salad. It was super delicious but I wasn’t extremely hungry so I didn’t eat much. Θεα Μαρία (Βασο’ς sister) got offended and thought her food didn’t taste nice because I didn’t eat much. It took me 5 goes to finally get her to understand that I don’t eat such big meals, I prefer snacking and 3 smaller meals over sitting and eating 3 huge meals.

We got to the airport the standard 2 hours before my flight only to find out that check in didn’t open until 1.5hrs before the flight. I felt bad for having taken a day back from them and then having to wait for me to go through security. When it came time for them to leave, Θεο Νίκος started crying, and as soon as he started so did I. We said goodbye, they walked away, then he turned around and waved, my heart broke. I can’t wait to return to spend time with him again. He’s such a funny and loving human being, his personality is infectious, I’m definitely going to miss him.

Rhe rest of the day involved lots of waiting and flight delays which led to some pretty hysetrical outbursts from customers. One guy wanted to take 2kgs of olive oil home but he wasnt allowed a can that big from what I overheard, he chucked a fit and demanded all the flight attendants names to complain.  A flight to Mylos was delayed 2 hrs and the tourists weren’t happy at all, I’m surprised a brawl didn’t break out.

When I finally got to Santorini I headed out to the town centre where everything was still open at 1030 pm. The town is exactly how I imagined it to be, absolutely stunning!

Yay finally, a Γύρος! Was so super delicious to have tzatiki and pita finally!

I’m falling asleep while writing this so it’s bed time for me.




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