22nd June 2017

Note to self: When in Greece my name is only Φοτινι, not Φοτουλα.

Hard life here in Santorini…I woke up this morning and had breakfast on the balcony with a glimpse of the Santorini houses off in the distance. Θεά Βασο had packed bread, tomatoes, olives, olive oil and πρετζα for me to bring to Santorini, because you know, there’s no food here in Santorini…I’m thankful, obviously, I just find it hysterical that they thought I’d starve.

Sitting out on the balcony I was reminded of that scene in Wog Boy where a young Nick G sits in the school playground with his massive picnic of food surrounding him, I had to giggle.

I decided to have a slow day today, and do all my exploring tomorrow, so I hopped on a bus and went to Perissa beach. Sat myself down on a lounge chair and only got up every half an hour or so to do some laps in the ocean.

I ordered 2 coffees, a daiquiri and my lunch completely in Greek and the guy understood me!!!

The calamari and Greek salad were so yum. I couldn’t get over how little the calamari was! The batter was really light and crunchy. The veggies in the salad were delicious and the fetta sooo creamy!


I was at the beach for a good 6 hours, it was honestly the first time on my entire trip that I’d properly relaxed and it was really refreshing to have done so. Around 4:30 I got the bus back to Fira and went for a walk through the town. It was much more beautiful during the day today than last night in the dark!! I think I did about 6 laps, it’s not very big at all. It has some amazing views of the volcano and Thirasia island too.

I stopped at a frozen yogurt place to get a frozen strawberry drink, which after ordering in Greek and being asked where I was from the guy responded “P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney”. I laughed hysterically and sat down outside and spent the next hour chatting with the 2 guys who work at the store, mostly in Greek!

While talking they asked me my name, I said it’s Φοτινι (Fotini) though I prefer Φοτουλα (Fotoula), and for the second time now (cabbie did the same thing last night) the guys rolled their eyes and said Φοτουλα is a “village name” and isn’t very nice whereas Φοτινι is much nicer, which totally shocked me! (Village name is akin to bogan apparently). Looks like my answer will just be Φοτινι from now on so as to not upturn any more noses!

The guys were lovely and recommended a few restaraunts for me to eat at in Fira. So I took them up on one and went to Chef’s garden. I got there at 10 and the place was dead, here I thought it was getting late! I ordered the ‘drunken pig’ – pork with capsicum, onion and kefalotiri (hard Greek cheese) cooked in a red sauce. The pork was so soft and the sauce had so much flavour, really peppery and tomato-ey.  I mopped it all up with my bread!

The owner also gave me a free glass of red wine because he was so impressed with my Greek, I definitely wasn’t complaining!

I walked back past chillbox on the way home and ended up spending 3 hours talking to the owner and his friends!

Bed time for me!

Καληνύχτα! Χχ


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