24th June 2017

Note to self: Always check you have all your bags.

So after the saga of last night I actually headed back out at 2am for drinks with Manios and his friends. We went down to Perissa beach and had some delicious tropical juices, the boys went for a swim and after we went to a bakery at 430am, ate some chicken pie and watched the sun start to rise. The chicken pie was reallllly tasty and a massive serving!

After a very short 4 hour sleep I woke up, packed my bags and headed to the port to get the fast ferry to Paros. Waiting in line there was a couple from Melbourne standing behind me and we got to talking and funnily enough we were sat right next to each other in our assigned seats on the boat. When I went to place my bag in the section designated for Paros there was another girl dumping a massive back pack as well so I said hello and turns out she’s from Melbourne and travelling solo throughout Europe as well. We weren’t designated seats near each other on the boat but when it docked in Paros we met back up to head up to Naousa together.  I ALMOST forgot my carry on suitcase on the boat, if it hadn’t been for Caitlin pointing out everyone else’s bags I definitely would have.

We had a coffee while waiting for the bus to Naousa, I finally tried a frappe with milk and it definitely tastes so much better than without!

After checking in to my airbnb and staring at the church oppositr my balcony for a few minutes I headed the 200m down the road into town to walk around. WOW. Just wow. Naousa is stunning. Easily so much prettier than Santorini, and not overthrown with tourists. Everywhere you look is a picture perfect shot, though the sun was in an annoying spot so I’ll have to try again tomorrow for some photos. The astonishingly colourful bougainvillea against the crisp white walls, door after beautiful door lacing each alleyway. I spent about an hour doing laps of the tiny town and was so surprised by how few people there are here at the moment, I ran into less than 10 people the entire time I was walking.

Naousa is a fishing town, you can tell by the octopus hanging out to dry in front of the restaraunts, and by the fact that the coast is dotted with boats along the water and restaraunts along the shore. Again it’s just a giant explosion of colour that takes a few minutes to sink in when you really stop and stare.

There’s a beach a 2 minute walk from my airbnb so when it got a bit hot I went down. Proper sand! And crystal blue water. I dove right in and it was an absolutely perfect temperature. I stayed at the beach for the next 4 hours enjoying the sun and the water and the serenity of a fairly empty beach.

Caitlin, the Australian girl I met on the boat, and I went out for dinner later in the evening. It was so exciting to split food between 2 people, we kind of went a bit over board, I couldn’t help myself, fresh seafood! Pita bread, spanakopita, Greek salad, grilled calamari, fried anchovies and saganaki prawns. Everything was so bloody tasty we were so full afterwards. We went around the corner and had a drink and then walked the very short distances back to our hotel.


The plan is to visit a few beaches and explore the town with Caitlin tomorrow, we shall see how we go!

Καληνύχτα!  Χx


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