25th June 2017

Note to self: Explore a new location before choosing where to set up camp for the day.

I met Caitlin for breakfast this morning in town, a watermelon juice and Greek yogurt with fruit. It was soo yummy, the thickest Greek yogurt I’ve ever had, we’re going to get it again tomorrow morning!

We bought tickets to get the boat across the harbour to Kolombithres beach, but with 30 minutes until depature we had some time to explore the town, i.e. take more photos of pretty doors and flowers.

The ride across the harbour was beautiful, we got to see the town from afar, and on approach to the beach the rock formations looked amazing.

Caitlin and I spent the entire day at the beach; chatting, swimming, sunning, exploring, eating and stand up paddle boarding! I have been once before, but Caitlin knows how to surf so did much better than I. I did, however, manage to put my yoga skills to good use and do a headstand on the board, fun!

We couldn’t get over how amazingly clear and BLUE the water was, I could have stared all day!

Spanakopita and lemon granita for lunch was just what I needed in the heat, the spinach in the spanakopita had so much flavour, it was delish!

We got back to shore around 630, had a look at some potential restaraunts for dinner and then returned to our hotels to freshen up.

Saganaki cheese, greek salad, octopus and pork souvlakia from Ouzeri ton Naftikon. Saganaki cheese was so yum, it’s the first time I’ve ever had it. This one was encased in a batter and then deep fried, as Caitlin put it “it’s like a cheese toastie but better!” The octopus was cooked extremely well and Caitlin enjoyed her souvlakia.

We walked around the town for a bit and then stopped off for some λουκουμάδες, honey doughnut balls of deliciousness. These were piping hot when we got them, the only way to eat them really!


After we stumbled upon a shop where a lady was selling handmade jewellry and I really liked one of the keychains. She started talking to us in English as she had heard us speaking and when I responded back in Greek she scolded me for letting her talk in English when she isn’t very good at it (she’s fine). I told her my Greek isn’t very good and she again scalded me saying my Greek is very good and to not worry. She reminded me a lot of Γιαγια,  I can’t wait to see her when I get home!

It’s a last breakfast with Caitlin and then Mykonos tomorrow. Final stretch, I seriously don’t want to leave!
Καληνύχτα xxx


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