26th June 2017

Note to self: Be patient, it will all work out.

I met Caitlin this morning and we went for breakfast before I had to get the bus to the port. The fruit and yogurt wasn’t as good as yesterday, too watery. Though it looked very nice!


The bus and ferry ride was uneventful but when I got to the port the transfer wasn’t there and I started to freak out because I don’t have data anymore and hadn’t researched how else to get to the hotel. Roughly 40 minutes after arriving at the port the transfer showed and I was extremely relieved!

After checking in I walked up the road to a bakery and bought a tiropita that wasn’t really a tiropita – it was more a bechamel sauce than anything, it was so good!!!

I may have also gotten some koulouria to snack on while I sat at the pool all day long. The one with the sesame wasn’t the nicest but the others were really yummy, no where near as good as Γιαγια’s though!

While at the pool I met a group of people from Melbourne and they invited me to go out with them that night.

We played uno and drank until 11 and then headed out to the Skandinavian bar for some dancing.

It’s 5am so I’m going to hit the hay!

Καληνύχτα xx


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