28th June 2017

Note to self: Say hello to strangers once in a while, you may surprise yourself.

Woke up this morning and walked to the bakery up the road to get a bougatsa and Greek coffee. I had no idea bougatsa was a breakfast food here but as soon as I found out I had to eat it! It’s a warm semolina/custard pie and this one was absolutely delicious. The birko the bakery used to make the Greek coffee was super futuristic and I will be looking into buying one when I go home.

Afterwards I walked down to Mykonos town to check it out during the day. It’s a beautiful town but I secretly love Naousa in Paros more. It did it’s job though and I got extremely lost, managed to ask for directions, and understand them, in Greek though, so a win in my books!!

I spent the rest of the morning by the pool at the hotel. My ferry to Athens wasn’t until 3. While sitting by the pool I had a pork γύρος and some halloumi delivered to the hotel from Oregano bakery. Was yum but γύρος in Santorini was better surprisingly.

The ferry to Piraeus was uneventful and the train to Athens hot and sweaty. I did however eat a spanakopita I’d bought from the bakery in the morning, it tasted exactly lile my Aunty’s, right down to the filo, amazing!

It was 730pm by the time I got to the hostel. I knew I’d be staying beneath ground but there doesn’t seem to be a remote for the air conditioning so I’m struggling with the heat right now, I don’t know how I’ll sleep.

I had a shower, changed and went to the rooftop bar at A for Athens for a view of the sunset and the Acropolis.  I met 2 gentleman from Morocco while I was sitting at the bar and we had a lovely chat for a couple of hours.

On my way down I caught the lift down with a guy who had popped his head into the bar and walked back out. I asked if he’d liked it or not and from there we got to chatting and next thing you know we’d stopped at a place for dinner. I love that about travelling, you meet all sorts of people in all sorts of ways. I had a goats cheese and fig salad for dinner, was delicious and refreshing.

It’s 2am again somehow, bed time.

Καληνύχτα xxx


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