29th June 2017

Note to self: Sometimes you just need to have a siesta.

I woke up at 7 this morning to get ready for the Acropolis. Headed past a bakery and got myself another bougatsa, I wish I could eat them for breakfast back home, they’re so delicious and massive for €1.70!

Doors to the Acropolis opened at 8, even though there wasn’t that many people it was already 30 degrees. I knew it was going to be a struggle. Once I got up there though, wow. It left me totally speechless, it’s size, detail and age left me absolutely dumbfounded. I just stared and walked around in circles for the better part of a half hour. Sometimes asking strangers to take a photo of you doesn’t work out though…zoom in, you should be able to see me.

Once the heat got too much I went to the New Acropolis museum and spent a few hours in the air conditioning admiring all of the artefacts and pieces of the Acropolis that have been put on display.

What was quite astounding was the top level where they had placed the pieces of marble up in the air how they would have sat on top the Parthenon.

Afterwards it was a walk through Plaka and Monastiraki to do a bit of shopping, dad has asked me bring home a new backgammon set, it was an interesting afternoon fitting that into my pack, officially at max capacity. The streets of Plaka and Monastiraki are really beautiful with the overgrown vines and cobblestone steps, I wasn’t really expecting it to be honest.

I picked up another spanakopita for lunch today, it’s too hot to be eating anything else really. Plus, the slices are giant and it’s my favourite food, so no brainer.

20170629_122702.jpgBy the time I got back to the hotel it was 3pm and I was so hot and tired. I had a shower, blasted the aircon (thank God the hostel found the remote) and had a nap.
I woke up an hour later spent an hour organising all my bags, switching weight between my pack and my carry on suitcase 4 times. Nightmare.

Caitlin had told me about going to the top of a hill to get a panoramic view of Athens, considering the heat and learning from my Notre Dame in Lyon experience I got the cable car up the hill. Best decision ever considering the sweat everyone was drenched in as they emerged from having climbed up.

The views were spectacular, I couldn’t get over how huge Athens is, it reminded me of Tokyo! The sun was setting ever so slightly so the haze was a little annoying but I was happy for a break from the heat.


On the way to 360 bar for a drink with the guys from Morocco last night I saw something I’d never seen in my entire life! A piece of jewellery with my name on it. Albeit it’s in Greek, but never in my life have I ever been able to pick up a mug or keychain with my name on it. Also, I’ve been spelling my name wrong my entire life.

After drinks we went for dinner at this local restaraunt in Psyri. We had Greek salad, zuchinni fritters, fish with skordalia and chicken and patates tiganites. Everything tasted authentic home cooked, it was really, really good. Potentially best Greek I’ve had on the entire trip. Dinner was at 2230 though, so forgive the crappy food photos.

And so, just like that, my 6 weeks has come to an end. While I’m on the plane from Athens to Abu Dhabi tomorrow I’ll do one last post, recapping my entire trip to wrap this blog up properly.

Καληνύχτα xx


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